I am the Founder CEO of amass digital and started my business in 2013 after helping a YouTube MCN launch several YouTube channels. My expertise helped grow JAY Z’s Life+Times to more than three million subscribers and upwards of three billion views, using co-branded content monetizable on both sides.  

With a background in television production, starting with a temp gig at Spike TV in Integrated Marketing I have a keen awareness of what it takes to get eyes on your content.  I bring all of my PR  and talent relationships from Music and Television with me to further expand the reach of your content.

In 2015, my team and I served more than 40 million impressions and delivered 8.7 million views for client campaigns.  We more than doubled those numbers in 2016, with nearly 100 million impressions and some 20 million views.

If you are as passionate as I am about marketing, audience development, social media, and YouTube monetization, let’s figure out a way to do great things together.  –  Suncera Johnson

You can learn more about me at my personal website:  www.suncerajohnson.com